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Paddlers visiting Ottawa who are looking for either short term or seasonal training are welcome to join in the Rideau team and training environment.

Visiting Paddlers Fees:

Option 1 - Weekly - $40 + HST

Option 2 - Monthly - $120 + HST

Why would RCC welcome its competition?

Well, yes, our mission is to strengthen the RCC team, however if we believe having you train at Rideau will provide apositive and constructive influence then of course we want you. This is what we at RCC expect from you. In order to be part of our program we need you to be a real contributor rather than just use RCC as service provide or fitness/training facility. This goes for members as well as visiting paddlers, we all work to make each other better.  We expect everyone to come out of this stronger as a result. Of course this includes you and we will hold our members accountable to support you as you will support them.

What you can expect from RCC:

At Rideau we are proud of our dedicated team of volunteers,coaches and athletes. We are happy to have you and others join the RCC family for a short or longer stay and support you in your training objectives. You will be joining an invigorating training team lead by the Rideau coaching staff and whenever possible supported by our National and Provincial Team partners. Working together and combined with your passion we will have a great season.

When Can You Train at RCC?

Visiting Paddlers will receive access to the club on equal par with their Rideau training partners. The RCC and the coaching team will coordinate training times and activities. Where possible training will be tailored around school and other time requirements. Our aim is to function as a strong team and partnerships to benefit all.

Communication with your coach & keeping you on track (the long term plan):

Although we are not able to facilitate many individual training programs we can and are happy to receive advice and

guidance from your club and/or National Team coach. Please encourage him/her to contact us so we can integrate your long term progression into our training activities. We value and appreciate the help and as well the insight we will gain from

input of many experts.

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